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The Old Farmer’s Almanac Predicts New England’s Winter Weather

Oct 29, 2013 12:09AM ● By Erin Frisch

It would be great if the recent sunshine and brilliant foliage would last forever, but that isn’t going to happen. Every day brings us closer to winter. And considering how strange winter weather patterns have been in recent years, it’s only natural to feel a bit concerned about the coming winter and just how good or bad the weather might be!

The good news is that, based on The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it looks like the rest of October should be pleasant, giving us plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors enjoying the changing colors and clear blue skies, and soaking up sun. The one thing you will want to keep in mind is that if you’re going to be trick or treating, Halloween night is looking brisk, so opt for a warmer costume unless you don’t mind covering it up with your coat!

You really should get out and enjoy the October weather because according to the Almanac, November won’t be nearly as pleasant. Residents of New Hampshire and Vermont will most likely be in for many gray days, lots of cold wind, and even some wet, heavy snow. Don’t be surprised if there’s stormy weather over the Thanksgiving break, and if you plan to travel to your turkey-day destination, be aware that you might need to allow extra time.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac makes some grim predictions for winter in New England this year. In fact, two different almanacs predict a long, cold winter. These predictions are based on the fact that experts expect less solar activity than normal and that changes in the Atlantic Ocean will lead to increased precipitation.

Based on these predictions for New England, if you live in New Hampshire or Vermont, you’d be wise to plan on staying put for at least a few stretches when you won’t be able to safely leave your home. Plan ahead—stock up on canned goods, extra coffee and tea, toilet paper, blankets, and bottled water. Non-perishables like crackers and cans of tuna are great to have on hand. Plenty of flashlights and batteries are also in order, as well as oil lamps or candles. If you haven’t invested in a generator before now, this might be a good winter to have one. In addition, if you don’t have an alternate power source, this might not be a great time to stock up your freezer. Having plenty of supplies means you’ll be able to stay tucked inside your (hopefully) warm house while winter storms rage outside your door. Almanac predictions indicate that there could be a severe storm on Super Bowl weekend, so if you don’t have a generator and you can’t bear to miss the game, plan ahead!

You should also make sure you keep spare socks, extra gloves, boots you can walk in, water, and a heavy blanket in your car during the winter. Having these on hand means you'll be okay if you get stuck in a snow bank or slide off an icy road and have to wait for help to come.

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