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Let It Snow: Keep Your Hot Tub Enjoyable Year-Round

Nov 06, 2013 10:14PM ● By Erin Frisch
It’s a bitter 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but you’re staying toasty warm while soaking in your bubbling hot tub. As you sip your hot cocoa and watch snow fall around you, you’re probably glad you decided to keep your hot tub open this winter. Many people keep their hot tubs at ready-to-use temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Even if you reside in a cold climate, you can enjoy the therapeutic properties of a soothing hot tub year-round.

Photo by Flickr user Ridge Tahoe Resort Hotel

Keep Supplies Handy

No one wants to leave the warm oasis of their hot tub during the winter without a warm towel and other essential hot tub supplies readily available. Outdoor serving stations are designed for hot tub users. These stations are often made of an all-weather resin material and feature casters for easy portability. Storage cabinets allow you to keep towels and other supplies at arm’s reach, and the top counter space provides plenty of room to set your drinks. For maximum comfort, invest in a towel warmer.

Have It Serviced

Hot tubs have to work harder during the winter to maintain a high constant temperature. Keep your hot tub in good condition by having it serviced by a professional regularly. Anything that requires fixing should be completed before the snow arrives. As water evaporates more quickly during cold, dry weather, ensure the water is above the skimmer line to maintain optimal filtration, and run the jets.

Check the Tub Cover

Tub covers help to keep in the heat and maintain the temperature in the water to save you money and energy. Investing in heavy duty covers for tubs can also help preserve your tub’s cleanliness. Ensure that the cover is well-fitting and is free of any tears or leakage. Insulating a hot tub with foam insulation, such as Icynene foam, can help retain heat and resist moisture.

Add Accessories

Add a few key accessories to make your soak even more enjoyable. Slip-proof steps and safety rails are excellent for hot tub users of all ages, especially during the winter when the ground is wet and slippery. Also consider installing an outdoor sound system with wireless remote that can be controlled in the comfort of your tub. Keep the cool wind off of your face with a wind or privacy screen installed around the perimeter of your tub. These screens are available in a multitude of designs and colors to complement any space.

Keeping the Tub Hot

Many hot tubs have factory settings that heat the water to a steamy 104 degrees Fahrenheit. For the safety of adults and children, set your hot tub heater thermostat to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Check your tub for a no-freeze switch to help maintain a constant temperature and prevent pipe freezing. If there’s no switch, program your tub to run for 15 minutes every hour or more for extremely cold weather. If the temperature of the water itself is not enough to keep you comfortable, consider using a floating thermal blanket which will reduce your energy consumption and keep the water inside hot.
By Chris Hester
Chris is a self-employed dad who loves spending time with his daughters and writing about hunting, outdoors and guns.

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