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Posing in a Winter Wonderland

Feb 06, 2014 12:00AM ● By Erin Frisch

While holiday greeting cards should have been mailed long ago, it’s never too late (or too cold) to capture the beauty of a New England winter in a photo. Take a few shots during a peaceful flurry of snow, on a bright and cold winter morning, or after an ice storm when the trees are covered with crystals that sparkle like diamonds. You can’t go wrong with a winter setting. Make sure to dress warmly hats, scarves, and mittens are cute in winter photos! Set out for any of the following locations for a beautiful backdrop, guaranteed.

Quechee, Vermont:

• Quechee Gorge: The gorge plummets hundreds of feet and can be seen in both directions from the walker-friendly bridge. Position your subjects on either side, and then stand in front of them or cross to the other side of the bridge and wait for a break in traffic. With the dark pines, the vast sky, and a deep, rocky gorge, your picture is sure to be jaw-dropping.

• Simon Pearce Restaurant: Visit this fabulous restaurant and go downstairs to the glassblowing room. Go out to the balcony that juts out above the dam (much of the restaurant is powered hydraulically by the river). Position your subjects in front of the icy falls. The air and water vapor from the falls will blow their hair and tickle their cheeks pink, giving them a warm winter glow.

Canaan, New Hampshire:

• Cardigan Mountain. Up for a winter hike? This trail is as beautiful in winter as it is in summer, and with a lot less through-traffic. Bring your four-legged friend and a few two-legged friends, and start your hike on a sunny morning. Pack snacks, emergency kits, food, and water. Make sure you are prepared for safe winter hiking, with enough layers and proper footwear. When you reach the rocky summit, take a panorama or two as well as some shots with every possible background on all sides of the mountain. You will have proof that you climbed to the top in winter!

Plainfield, New Hampshire:

• French’s Ledges. Up for a more moderate winter hike, but still want to exert some energy? Bundle up for French’s Ledges, a mini Cardigan Mountain right behind Plainfield School. You can try this peak out for size in the early morning to catch the sunrise in the background. Or with proper supplies and headlamps, take a group of friends or family up for a full-moon hike. Be sure to howl at the moon when you get to the top!

Hanover, New Hampshire:

• The Hanover Green. For all you Dartmouth alums out there, this is the perfect location for your engagement photos, especially if the match happened while at Dartmouth. After a snowfall, position your subjects on the green with the classic Baker Library behind them. Have them hug, chase each other, jump in the air together, and make snow angels as you take candid action shots. You might even suggest that they wear their favorite Big Green outerwear for the shoot.

• The Hanover Country Club and Golf Course. After a day of sledding, you may find yourself wanting to capture the moment. Take your family out onto the rolling Hanover Golf Course and have them pose with the fields behind them. On a sunny day, the light sparkling off the snowy expanses will light up your photo. If you hike down the path a little, you will discover glades of trees that are also beautiful backdrops. And if you want your photos to really speak to the true spirit of winter, rent Nordic skis from the Dartmouth Outing Club and snap your family gliding along the trails.

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