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Add a Little Excitement to Your Life's Travels

Apr 08, 2014 01:25AM ● By Erin Frisch

Want to be happier? Then, according to Psychology Today, you should try your hand at a risky activity. Adventurous activities that cause you a little anxiety can help you feel more alive and in tune with your world. If you've been searching for an activity to break up your boring routine of work, sleep, work, then check out the following recommendations.

Cattle Roundup

In the 1991 hit movie "City Slickers," three men head off to a dude ranch to try their hand at rounding up cattle to add a little adventure to their lives. Although cattle drives are typically week-long activities, some ranches offer one- or two-day cattle roundups. Virginia's Marriot Ranch, for example, offers one-day cattle drives for experienced riders. This cattle roundup in the beautiful Blue Ridge foothills is offered twice a year and costs $175. Lunch is included in the price.

Motorcycle Ride

If you've been suppressing your inner biker your whole life, maybe it's time to finally unleash the road warrior that dwells within. Motorcycle riding is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors and to explore new horizons. And with the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council reporting that more than 103,000 new motorcycles, scooters and ATVs were sold in 2012, you'll probably be sharing the road with a host of other new riders.

Before hitting the road, make sure to properly gear up. At a minimum you should wear a helmet, motorcycle boots and gloves, suggests Allstate. In some states, helmets are even required by law. For safety purposes, it is recommended you only purchase a new helmet as a used one may have previously been in an accident. You can always find very reasonably priced new helmets through an online super bike store. Other safety gear you should consider for your trip include motorcycle leathers and a jacket.

NASCAR Adventure

Do you have a need for speed? Then you might want to book a NASCAR Racing Experience weekend. You can find the Racing Experience at a number of tracks, including Atlanta Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway. For three hours, you'll drive real race cars that have actually been driven by NASCAR stars on the same tracks as they have driven on. Prices start at $129.99 for a three-lap ride along.

If you discover you really enjoy racing, you might even want to get your own car and compete in amateur events, such as those held by the Sports Car Club of America. (SCCA). These road-racing events are held all across the nation and feature a number of classes that are designed to be affordable for the average Joe.


According to Plunkett Research, kayaking has grown 26.6 percent in popularity since 2010. It's probably not surprising as kayaks are relatively inexpensive and very portable. In addition, they can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can choose to float gently down a calm river or challenge white water rapids as your skills develop. Like motorcycling, kayaking is an excellent way to commune with nature and to explore the area you live in a new and exciting manner.

What adventure is at the top of your list?

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