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8 Fire Safety Tips to Prevent a Fire in Your Home

Jun 03, 2016 05:04PM ● By Finn Mc Farland
On October 26th, 1820, the Town of Woodstock enacted a law forming the Woodstock Fire Society with the goal of preventing and extinguishing fires. Comprised of 19 well-respected members of the village, the society was given $2000 to purchase necessary equipment and to construct a building for the storage of an engine and tools. The society named ten wardens to patrol and prevent fires in the community.  

Nearly 200 years later, the Woodstock Fire Department continues its commitment to the community and surrounding areas by offering essential and quality emergency services. The volunteer firefighters respond to hundreds of emergency calls each year, ranging from car accidents to structure fires, and they face potentially dangerous conditions in order to save the lives and property of fellow community members.

To continue the original aim of the Woodstock Fire Society, the department offers fire prevention and community education programs at local schools and events each year. Here are some helpful tips to prevent a fire in your home.

  • Install smoke detectors in every room. Check that they are in working condition every month, and change the batteries twice a year. Replace alarms every 10 years.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and another in your garage. Those labeled “ABC” are best for home use. Familiarize yourself with how to operate the extinguishers.
  • Install fire escape ladders in upstairs bedrooms and teach kids when and how to use them.
  • Always stay in the kitchen when cooking. Do not hang dishtowels on the side of the stove, and keep long sleeves and other clothing away from hot burners.
  • Do not pour water on a grease fire. Instead, smother the fire with a lid, fire blanket, or baking soda.
  • Each year, have a qualified service person inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney to prevent chimney fires.
  • Regularly conduct family fire drills to ensure that each family member knows fast and safe escape routes and what to do in case of emergency. Make sure you have two escape routes out of every room.
  •  In the case of any fire, leave the building immediately and call 911.

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