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Winter Skin Tips from Woodstock Inn & Resort's Aesthetician Holly Pape

Mar 27, 2018 07:10PM ● By Linda Ditch
Winter can be tough on your skin. Dry air, harsh winds, and sunlight reflecting off snow can turn your skin into a dry, flaky, itchy mess. And that’s just outside the house! Inside, heated air also contributes to dry skin.

Aesthetician Holly Pape from The Woodstock Inn & Resort knows what to do for weather-beaten skin. She shared some information to help you heal your skin and get ready for the warmer days ahead:

Q: What damages skin the most during the winter?

A: While in winter we get to see the many visually stunning forms water can take, it’s, unfortunately, lacking in the atmosphere, and this leads to dehydrated skin. Additionally, cold winds whipping at your skin during your favorite winter activities can lead to further dehydration, discoloration, and even broken capillaries.

Q: What are some mistakes people make when it comes to caring for their skin?

A: Because the sun isn’t taking front stage during this season, most people forget about sunscreen, leading to further skin damage. Not only are the sun’s rays still beaming down—they’re reflecting off all those snow-covered surfaces. So don’t skip the SPF just because it’s cold outside. Another mistake is over-exfoliation. In an effort to get rid of dehydrated patches of skin, most people will reach for the nearest scrub or beaded cleanser as often as twice a day, which can be more aggravating than helpful.

Q: How should you care for winter-damaged skin?

A: Aside from protecting your skin with SPF (this includes lip balm!), it’s imperative to take a hard look at your moisturizers. You’ll likely need to switch out your light lotion for a deep cream and add either an oil-based serum or water-based toner to maintain balance within your skin’s barrier function. Night-time treatment creams are also essential to keep the skin from losing water, which happens easily when we’re using woodstoves and space heaters to stay warm in winter.

Q: Now that spring is here and summer’s approaching, how should a person change her or his skincare routine as the weather gets warmer?

A: A change in season is the best time to get a professional facial; out with the old, in with the new! Your esthetician will be happy to make recommendations customized for your skin and lifestyle as you move into the next phase of the year.

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