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Biscuit Hill Pilates: A Very Happy Place for People of All Abilities and Ages

Jan 28, 2019 04:00PM ● By Kevin
January is over and for many people, so are those ambitious New Year’s resolutions they set out to achieve just 30 short days ago. Woodstock and the Upper Valley have plenty of options to be healthy and get/stay in shape. One of those spots is Biscuit Hill Pilates Studio. The experienced staff works with people of all abilities and ages to increase strength and functional stability.

We sat down with Biscuit Hill Pilates Studio owner Deanna Busch to get more information about the studio and some tips for beginners and those trying to stay true to their New Year’s resolutions. 

Woodstock Magazine: Tell us about yourself, your involvement with Biscuit Hill Pilates Studio, and your overall history with Pilates - how did you get into it, what made you passionate about it?

Deanna Busch: My first exposure to Pilates came as a client at Biscuit Hill. At the suggestion of a friend, I took some private lessons from Lucy Dunne, the founder of the studio, as a change from my regular gym routine. It wasn't long [before] I was hooked. Pilates made me feel great and was totally different from what I used to do.  I wanted to learn all I could about it.

Lucy encouraged me to pursue Pilates as a new career path. In 2005, I was certified by Power Pilates to teach beginner through advanced Pilates on the mat and apparatus, and I have been teaching ever since. I truly love teaching Pilates. I see the difference it has made for my client's strength and flexibility.

WM: Tell us about Biscuit Hill Pilates Studio. How and when was it born? How has it evolved since you first opened? What separates you from the competition?

Busch: Lucy Dunne opened Biscuit Hill in 2003. I purchased the studio from her in July of 2007. I moved the studio to its current location in 2008. I became certified in the CoreAlign system in 2012 and am currently the only fully certified CoreAlign instructor in Vermont.

We have a physical therapist on site. Rebecca Nash, DPT, has had her office at Biscuit Hill since 2012. Kelly Kane, founder of the Kane School of Core Integration, joined us in 2015. There’s more information about Rebecca and Kelly on our website.

We are very proud of the atmosphere we have created in the studio. A new client said to me recently, "this is a very happy place."

WM: Give us some tips for anyone who hasn't done Pilates before but may be interested in trying it. What should a newbie expect coming in?

Busch: Pilates provides a foundation for any kind of movement. It increases strength, balance, and muscular development, as well as flexibility and increased range of motion with an emphasis on strengthening the "core" and creating long, lean muscles. Pilates can be performed on the mat or apparatus such as the Reformer.

Pilates exercises are designed to redirect the way in which we move, and from which muscles we move. This subtle shift in awareness requires focus and dedication to master, but it improves all movement within our daily lives, and transforms and inspires students of all ages and fitness levels.

Practiced faithfully, Pilates improves posture, balance, and core strength. Pilates provides a foundation for all movement, while at the same time promoting development of strength, as well as flexibility and increased range of motion.

Pilates can help retrain your body to move in a safer, more efficient way. Our sessions are individualized. Unless you are attending a mat class, we work with no more than two clients at a time. One of our main objectives is to develop the strong, deep abdominals and spinal stabilizing muscles known as "the core." One of my clients calls Pilates a "whole body sigh."

WM: Why did you choose Woodstock as your location? What makes this area special for you and your business?

Busch: Woodstock and its surrounding communities are full of people who are invested in a healthy lifestyle. The people that live here are active, no matter their age group. We have clients, men, and women, who range in age from early 30s to mid-80s. Our clients are a constant source of inspiration. We have athletes who use Pilates as cross training for their sport, clients who are recovering from hip and knee replacement or other muscular-skeletal issues, and people who want to gain strength for everyday living.

WM: Many fitness studios see an increase in memberships this time of year. What would you say to people to help motivate them to follow through on a New Year's resolution to stay fitter and healthier?

Busch: Start small and build. Have realistic goals. Sometimes it’s just about getting to the door. If you only do one thing, that's OK. Next time you will do more. It's more about establishing new habits.

Biscuit Hill Pilates Studio is located at 512 E. Woodstock Road. For more information, visit, or call 802-457-4525.

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