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Woodstock Named “Most Beautiful Town” in America

Nov 20, 2019 02:34PM ● By Jessica Bowman

Photo of The Yankee Bookshop By: Kristian Preylowski

It’s time to take pride in our local surroundings. Woodstock, VT was just named among the most beautiful towns in America by The Traveler Magazine. Woodstock was said to have over the top charm by the magazine. A callout like this is sure to bring some tourists for the coming seasons.

Local businesses may prepare for an influx of customers after this popular travel guide gave Woodstock such a big shout out. In the article, Woodstock’s historical monuments and its perfect village green were featured, as was F.H. Gillingham and Sons. Readers were urged to visit the store and pick up some souvenir maple candy, something which many towns in Vermont are famous for. However, this town gets featured in a travel magazine for it.

It’s true many towns in New England have a quaint kind of look and feel to them. Residents bask in the glory of the mountains around us, and the tight-knit community. Every year we are no strangers to the so-called ‘leaf peepers’ who come just to see the changing of the foliage in fall. Aside from that, however, New England towns are not often labeled must-see destinations for travel.

Travel Magazine illustrated how city living and visits have their charm, certainly, but Woodstock, VT-as a small rural town-has its perks. Namely local businesses, quaint antiques, plenty of outdoor activities and restaurant to people ratios that weigh in a reader’s favor.

Woodstock is beautiful for more than just the historic civilization it offers, its situated in the Green Mountains which are, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in America. Woodstock was also called out for its white-steepled church and absurdly quaint New England Charm.

With any luck, more tourists will plan their trips to see the local businesses, the antique shops, the restaurants and the beauty of Woodstock before the snow falls. Then, come Summer, Woodstock may see more activity. June through August is known to be travel season, but it would be a shame if anyone were to miss the way the leaves bloom so green and pink in the spring time-right after mud season ends.

In this article, Woodstock competed with Paia Hawaii, Taos New Mexico, and even Santa Barbara California, coming out on top of all of them. Often times, residents can become desensitized, and familiar with their rural surroundings. They may even come to lose all sight of the beauty around their rural town.

An article like this reminds us that where we live has beauty, even if we can’t see it. Others will come from far and wide to get a taste of the life we live and well, the grass is greener on the other side. But sometimes seeing how others look at our own green grass can give us a change of perspective. A newcomer, who has never laid eyes on our town before, deemed it among the most beautiful in the country. That is a feat we can learn to cherish.

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