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Top Podcasts To Listen to While Summer Road Tripping

Jul 31, 2020 12:44PM ● By Virginia Dean
Despite the recent Pandemic, many are taking to the roads to visit friends and family, finding quiet spots to reflect on scenic landscapes, or heading to eat curbside at selected restaurants. Along the way, they’re also taking in imaginative and provocative podcasts that are being produced all across the country.

Whether you love a good murder mystery, an intriguing romance, or family-friendly fictional or nonfictional fun, here are some of the best podcasts out there.

The Habitat, for example, is a nonfiction series in the form of audio diaries by six individuals chosen by NASA to simulate life on Mars to better understand what might happen if humans land there. Ear Hustle is celebrating its fifth season and is a nonfiction podcast about life inside the prison and what happens when people leave it. Intimate funny and heart-rendering. Outside Magazine has turned into Outside Podcast and includes adventurers learning about endurance athletes, rescues, and the science of survival.

For those invested in the news, The Daily, NPR News Now and Up First will give you the latest and greatest. Office Ladies is back in podcast form where the popular sitcom invites listeners to “rewatch” the series with never-before-shared anecdotes about filming each episode.

For those interested in police work, Running from COPS offers a deep dive into the show’s cultural impact on how the public perceives policing in America. No surprise here with TED Radio Hour includes 100+ episodes in an eclectic form sure to keep car drivers and passengers on the edge of their seats.

For those fiction fans, Phoebe Reads a Mystery and Mission to Zyxx present iconic literary mysteries and science fiction set in space in comedic fashion. Another mystery, Homecoming, will thrill audiences listening to a therapist working in a mysterious experimental facility for veterans.

If you like interviews, BingeMode, Latina to Latina, Solvable, and Armchair Expert will fulfill your expectations of vital and controversial discussions as you drive to your destination.

If you’re traveling with your family, WOW in the World, Young Ben Franklin, Becoming Mother Nature, Six Minutes, and The Two Princes should fit the bill.

For those passionate about true crime, The Dating Game Killer, Dr. Death, Solve, Monster, Man in the Window, In the Dark, and My Favorite Murder is for you.

For historians, Floodlines, Sidedoor , and Stuff You Missed in History Class should boost your knowledge about the study of the past. Bon, voyage listeners!

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