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5 Walking Trails In And Around Woodstock

Oct 19, 2020 11:41AM ● By Kaitlyn Malone
The fall season is in full swing! The leaves on the trees have changed into brilliant shades of yellow, red, and orange and have turned what was once a lush green forest into a dazzling riot of color. Leaves from Maple trees, Sassafras trees, and Aspen trees line our walking trails and allow us to feel like we are walking on a rainbow.

Woodstock, Vermont is a town with beautiful New England foliage and is one of Vermont's best places to take in the fall colors. There are many places to walk and explore trails that weave you through a canopy of deciduous trees or take you to a lovely view. Going for a walk or a hike this time of year is always something to look forward to and provides us with a new sense of awe as we take in the changing natural beauty surrounding us. It is interesting to think that these colors have always been present. It's just that we can only see them now because the green pigment of the leaves has faded away. The green color fades because the tree stops making chlorophyll, which is the molecule that is important to the process of photosynthesis and what creates the green shade.

What fun it is going for a walk, breathing in the rich fall air and exhaling a renewed appreciation for our senses. If you are looking for some good comfortable walking clothes, check out Vermont Flannel Company or Elevation Clothing.

Here are 5 walking trails in and around Woodstock for you to catch the perfect fall foliage.

Mount Peg Loop

The Mount Peg Loop is a wonderful trail to walk this fall. It is near Woodstock's center, and it winds it's way from Golf Avenue and through trees, meadows, past stone walls to a summit. At the Summit, you can take in gorgeous panoramic views and the town of Woodstock below. There is a picnic table at the top for you to enjoy a meal or snack as you take in the vista. It's about a 2.5-mile trail and around 400ft elevation gain and a pretty walk downhill as you loop your way back. 

Faulkner Trailhead to Mount Tom’s South Peak

If you walk about 7 minutes from the center of Woodstock, you'll get to the Faulkner trailhead, which will take you to Mount Tom's south peak, where you will see amazing views of rolling hills covered with red, orange, and yellow trees. The walk is about 2.75 miles round-trip and will take you past green hillsides with great views of the forests. For a map, please see here. You'll know you've made it when the switchbacks stop, and you can take in a panoramic view of the town and rest yourself on some benches.

The Pogue Loop from Prosper Road

The Pogue Loop is located near Woodstock and is a little longer, about 4.8 miles round trip. It is a lovely trail that begins from Prosper Road and takes you on a hill and dale journey. This trail features a lake, a peaceful body of water for you to appreciate on your way. Be sure to wear good walking shoes, for this is a fair to moderate trail.

Shackleton Loop

This trail is a lightly trafficked loop and is almost a mile, making for a nice leisurely walk one evening or morning. It’s perfect for a solitary walk to take in the beautiful foliage quietly. It is located near Woodstock and winds you through the nearby forest.

Eshqua Bog Natural Area

This trail is excellent for walking, nature trips, and bird watching and will be best now through November. Not only will you be able to absorb the lovely fall leaves in the trees above you, but it passes through a botanically rich environment and wetland. It has a 460ft boardwalk, which adds a picturesque quality to your walk and the scenery and makes the Eshqua Bog easily accessible to all visitors. This trail winds you through a diverse plant life range and is an easy half-mile loop located near Woodstock.

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