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Q&A with the Owners/Photographers of the New Gallery in Woodstock Entitled "Focus, A Vermont Gallery"

Feb 22, 2021 02:50PM ● By Virginia Dean
A new art gallery, featuring the works of owners and photographers Loren Fisher, Ron Lake, and Bob Wagner, opened in Woodstock last August and is now celebrating six months of being on display. Entitled “Focus, A Vermont Gallery”, the work on display is inspired by their travels throughout Vermont and around the world. Located in the village’s oldest building at 1 The Green, the three men expressed their excitement to be part of the community due to its natural beauty and Vermont sensibility.

WM: Please tell us about your new gallery and what makes it especially unique

Focus: We feature the works of photographers Loren Fisher, Bob Wagner, and Ron Lake. Each photographer goes beyond regular photography to create unique art that becomes the focal point of a room, whether in a home, office, or business. Our specialty is large-scale work that is created on different surfaces. It could be a traditional paper print in one of our custom frames with non-glare Museum glass or printed on canvas to give subtle Vermont scenes a painterly look. Or a more contemporary look by mounting a print behind museum-quality acrylic or printed on metal. We can customize sizes so clients don’t need to get stuck with traditional sizing. 


WM: Has the business been affected by COVID-19? how so?

Focus: We opened in August, in the heart of the pandemic, knowing we were taking a huge risk. With the tightening of out-of-state visitors in November, the traffic in the village has decreased immensely. Some of that is normal seasonal change, but traffic was slow even during peak holiday times.


WM: What can we look forward to when we enter the gallery?

Focus: A unique view of Vermont. Although we are all travel photographers, most of the work displayed is Vermont based. We have a rotating gallery on our second floor that usually features work from outside Vermont. Right now, we have European images displayed in that gallery. We designed the entire gallery to have an open feel. We haven’t packed every wall with all the art we can. Our gallery is in Woodstock’s oldest building with two fireplaces so you can get the feel of how the art might look in your house. The building has housed art galleries for 40 years, and we are proud to carry on the tradition and be a centerpiece for the heart of Woodstock.


WM: Are there special features? if so, what are they?

Focus: We work with clients to help them get the right art in the proper size. Clients routinely send us photos of their spaces and we’ll mock-up several images so they can get a feel for how the art will look and what size works best. We’ll do in-home visits and show what the art will look like on the wall. We install larger pieces for free, which is really convenient for clients. 


WM: Please provide days, hours you are open, and how customers might access the gallery

Focus:  Focus, A Vermont Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. We also, do individual appointments so customers can view the art at their leisure without any crowds. For further information, call 802.457.7327 or email [email protected]


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