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Shillen & Mackall Law Office

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At Shillen & Mackall Law Office, we completely understand that the majority of our clients struggle through incredibly difficult times. Many are overwhelmed with chronic pain, discomfort, and emotional anxiety. These traumatic experiences can be compounded by lost wages, financial ruin, and, in the worst cases, the devastating loss of a loved one. We are committed to helping the victims and families who are experiencing deep-seated pain, agony, and turmoil.

Many injury-producing events that could have been avoided by using preventative actions, precautions, or adequate due care occur because of negligence, human error, misconduct, or irresponsibility. In some cases, these events are caused by gross negligence, greed, recklessness, or complete corporate oversight. Many clients experience fear and frustration, and are left reeling with confusion about how to deal with their situation. We can help.