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Happy 10th Anniversary

Mar 09, 2010 03:34AM ● By Erin Frisch

Woodstock Magazine



As the world slid into the 21st century and people around the globe worried about what effect the year 2000 would have on computers—and therefore humankind—residents of Woodstock, Vermont, had a more auspicious and tangible event to look forward to: the premier issue of Woodstock Magazine. This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, we have shared with our readers the individuals, businesses, places, and attitudes that are the very foundation of this community—a community that encompasses not only Woodstock, Quechee, Bridgewater, Barnard, and Pomfret, but also places beyond our borders, where we may have been or only dream of going. Yet, as much as we enjoy traveling with you, together we have always returned to the place we love best. Our readers have allowed us into their homes and into their lives. Over the years, we have helped you set your table for the holidays, with pinecones from your yard and lace made in Vermont. We’ve provided savory recipes and told you where to buy the perfect complement of wine. On our pages, we introduced you to new crafts or put a twist on old favorites. We’ve visited festivals, gone wassailing through neighborhoods, and skiing on Suicide Six. We told you how to keep warm, stay healthy, and be happier. You told us about children who change the world and adults who change the lives of children. You let us know what you found interesting, funny, or poignant. Together we have gone fiddling and farming, blueberry picking and snowshoeing, hiking mountains and walking trails. Artisans have shared their talents: quilters and potters and glass blowers and storytellers. The works of nationally renowned artists have graced our pages, as well as our covers, in all manners of mediums from painters and photographers to woodworkers and sculptors.

We’ve had winter fun and we’ve been delighted by fall foliage. We’ve visited sugar shacks in springtime and farmers' markets and horse races in summer. We’ve seen nighttime creatures and been awed by skies filled with stars and shelves filled with books and homes filled with love. We have marveled at how things have changed; and stood on covered bridges that have withstood the ravages of harsh winters and countless years and pondered how very much they stay the same. You’ve told us what is important to you and we’ve put it in words and in pictures, then tied it with a bow. If it’s of interest to you then it’s a topic for us. So, just as Y2K became a fixture in our lexicon of words, Woodstock Magazine has become a fixture in, of, for, and by the community. Thank you for a decade of loyal readership; if you are new to Woodstock Magazine, welcome to the family. Pick up a copy, put up your feet, and stay a while.

E. Senteio believes it is always about the words, not the writer. She looks for any opportunity to travel, every chance to read, and writes because she can’t help herself. Her muse is her constant canine companion Pixel.

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