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Mom Was Right: Famous Parental Advice

Feb 11, 2014 01:48AM ● By Erin Frisch

Moms give us a lot of advice throughout our lifetime. Some are sound bits of advice, like "eat your vegetables," whereas others are just simple myths. The "don’t go out with wet hair" myth was busted, for instance, since science has shown that the cold virus is unconcerned with your hair's moisture levels. Here are a few pieces of terrific life-changing advice that proves, more often than not, Mom was right.

Don’t Stay on Long Island

This is what journalist Geraldo Rivera’s mother told him as he wandered, directionless, in his youth. It is natural for emerging adults to go through a stage where they are seeking out their relationship with the universe. According to psychologist Erik Erikson, at college age, a person is transitioning between two stages. One stage has the person asking “who am I” and the other is about finding love. Both of these require a lot of exploration, some of which may not be able to be found without leaving the comfort of a childhood environment. It is not about leaving Long Island but seeing yourself in other parts of the world.

Check in With the World and Yourself

How does someone get a degree in a field they do not enjoy? How does employment fraud happen? How does a person fall down the stairs while texting? These all happen by not checking in with yourself and your environment. The daily grind of being a student can make it difficult to see the important things. That is why Melinda Gates credits her mom with reminding her to stay connected to the world. It is easy to lose perspective when life starts happening at you so periodically check in and assess how it is going.

Everyone Deserves a Nice Watch

When political analyst Juan Williams bought himself an expensive watch, he expected to get chastised by his mother. Instead she told him to enjoy it. This was her way of telling him to appreciate his leisure earnings and activity. A study published in the Journal of College and Character linked positive leisure activity to a healthy lifestyle in college students. According to the study, enjoying your leisure gains can lead to better coping skills, stress reduction, and healthy development.

Failure is Not The Opposite Of Success, it is a Stepping Stone to Success

Ariana Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, credits her mother with this advice. Fear of failure can be a strong motivator for a passionate individual, but it is the perception of “what counts” that makes a person want to succeed. By framing each of our failures as a means to a successful end, we are able to redefine the events into something empowering. Keep your eye on the goal but remember that there are lessons to be learned along the way. Savor the lessons as they come and let the learning be the prize.

Whats the best piece of advice your mom or dad has given you?

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