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Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream

209 New Hampshire Rte 103,
Sunapee, NH 03782

The core of this family business is to provide a gathering place for families young, and old to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. A place where kids can be kids and grown-ups can join in! Farm fresh, homemade, irresistible ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet made one batch at a time on our own working dairy farm. Indulge in our scrumptious ice cream under the shade of the apple trees while the cool breeze rolls off of the meadows. You can take a summer hike, enjoy a picnic, or a full range of activities for all ages. Sanctuary Dairy aka Beck's Place, where blowing bubbles and chasing them is fun, climbing the apple trees, and feeding the critters is not only allowed, but encouraged. A place like no other where lasting family memories are made with old and new friends. Enjoy a friendly chat while playing a game of horseshoes, volleyball, kickball, or gathering around the animals.